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Our comprehensive Behavioural Report aims to assist in cultivating the necessary behaviours to achieve results in challenging, intricate, and ever-changing market conditions.

We offer a range of assessments designed to measure the progress of 11 different performance-enhancing behaviours. When used collectively and frequently, in different combinations they can provide a deep insight to the core behaviours of a team, leader or organisation.

By raising awareness of their actions and omisions, leaders and teams can effectively assess and develop their behaviours to creating a positive, productive and healthy workplace culture, leading to higher employee satisfaction, better team dynamics and overall organisational success.


Collection of related companies


A consistent proficient in a skill


The trainable sequence of actions


A single observable and generalisable action that delivers on outcome

Transforming Outcomes through Behaviours

Over a span of 2014-2017, we conducted three assessments of the leadership behaviours within an international airline’s leadership team. These assessments aimed to measure the impact of their dedicated team development program. Our database reveals that no individual leader excels in all 11 behaviours; instead, their profiles show variations in the developmental levels of different behaviours, creating a ‘spiky’ profile.

However, for an ideal team dynamic, a complete set of well-developed behaviours is essential. It becomes critical for teams to engage in open conversations about the leadership team’s Behavioural Profile and identify the behaviours that require development to achieve success.

How it can impact your business

Here’s how this assessment is going to help you.

The assessment process involves evaluating individual, team and organisational performance to gain valuable insights into their existing capabilities.

By conducting these assessments, organisations can better understand their strengths and areas for improvement, enabling them to make informed decisiosn about talent development, team dynamics, and overal organisational strategies. It provides a foundation for targeted improvement efforts and helps in fostering a culture of continuous growth and development

Benchmarking leaders and teams against expected behaviours serves as a powerful tool to facilitate talent identification and promote crucial development discussions within leadership teams. By setting clear standards and comparing performance agaisnt them, organisations can recognise high-potential individuals and teams, as well as areas where improvement is needed.

This process not only helps in identifying leadership strengths but also opens up opportunieis for targeted grwoth initiatives and skill enhancement. Consequently, it strengthens the leadership team’s cohesiveness and effectiveness leading to improved overall organisational performance.

During recruitment or promotion processes, it is crucial to assess leadership capabilities to ensure a strong alignment with the organisation’s core values and objectives. By carefully evaluating leaerhip skills, experience, and potential, organisations can make informed decisions that lead to the selection of individuals who embody the desired leadership traits.

This approach not only reinforces the organisations values but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement through feedback, coaching and leadership development. By investing in the growth of their leaders, organisations can enhance their overall effectiveness and adaptability, driving long-term success and positive outcomes.

Differences in dominant values can reveal why an organisation fails, often due to culture clashes. This is evident in mergers and acquisitions, where expected synergies and economise of scale may not materialise due to cultural differences. Understanding values helps transform culture, with evidence showing its impact on commercial success.

Cultural development delivers tangible results and early transformation statges improve engagement scores, validating culture’s positive impact on performance.

For Leaders

Benchmark leaders against expected behaviours and provide them with clear developmental guidance.

For Teams

Recruit for gaps in your teams and find out who truluy embodies your desired leadership traits.

For Organisations

Identify culture clashes and find out how to improve employee engagement organisation-wide.


Our approach to creating a transformational culture

Our approach to creating a transformational culture Over three decades, extensive academic research explored leadership behaviours and their improved results. Professor Harold Schroder’s pivital 1970s research identified 11 behaviours significantly influencing bottom-line performance, relevant in competitive, complex, dynamic contexts. In such environments, leaders’ performance-enhacing actions, like adopting a commercial perspective, engaging teams, and inspiring commitment, boost productivity and organisational success.

The Schroder model has been researched through a number of key studies, which underpin the Complete Behavioural Report. Moreover, additional studies have confirmed the model’s applicability across various sectors, leadership levels, and geographic regions. Dr. Tony Cockerill and Chris Parry have collaborated closely with Complete for an extended period to develop the new Complete Behavioural Report

Our Process

What you can expect when working with us


Score yourself as an individual against the given behaviours


Nominations then also provide their score for yourself


All data is collated to generate a Complete Behavioural Report


The data is then reviewed by yourself, or by one of our trained practitioners


Behavioural goals are then set as part of your development programme

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